I am sorry to announce that this choir has now disbanded

Welcome to Coro Pilar's new web site.


Coro Pilar is a Mixed Voice International Choir, based in Pinar de Campoverde, in the Costa Blanca Area of Spain.

Our members come from six different countries, and our repertoire includes songs in four different languages

We perform various musical pieces from Classical to present day hits, basically to anyone who would require our services.

We are a fun choir, happy just to sing and perform for the enjoyment of our audience, where-ever it may be.

During Covid-19 times- (9th November 2020) As a result of outbreak of COVID cases in Campoverde it has been decided that we will not have any choir rehearsals until we can get some indication from the Ayuntamiento that it is safe to do so. So no rehearsal on Friday and we will issue emails to keep you informed on any progress.
Como resultado del brote de casos de COVID en Campoverde, se ha decidido que no tendremos ensayos del coro hasta que podamos obtener alguna indicaciĆ³n del Ayuntamiento de que es seguro hacerlo.

All of the other Associations are rehearsing in the Carpa Municipal ( near the Swimming Pool in Pilar) and there is only one slot still available. Therefore we will be meeting on Monday at 5pm until 7pm This may be a temporary measure and we will continue to look at alternatives.)

Our Rehearsal Night is Thursday, meeting at 18:45 for news and announcements. Singing starts at 19:00 until 21:00.

The location is Ayuntamiento Building Plaza Florida Campoverde.

If interested ring(96 626 0741) or email Rachel or come on the Thursday evening, you will be very welcome.

Please check out our contact page to find out who to get in touch with.